What Our Clients Say

Customer service and providing value is our main goal in helping you when you decide to take the leap towards your Valencia Remodel. Here are just a few of our happy clients!

  • We had our kitchen completely renovated by Maria, Carlos and their team. We were already living in the property but went on holiday for a few weeks while they did all the dirty work of ripping out all the old stuff, wall, floor and ceiling tiles included. We were then in the apartment for about 5 weeks while they built the new kitchen. They had installed the new boiler as a priority so that we had hot water.

    Maria and Carlos care about what they are doing. They listened to what we wanted and took us to some suppliers who they thought would give us what we wanted. They were both very proactive with suggestions. Maria being English/Spanish bi-lingual is a huge bonus.

    The guys who worked on the kitchen were very friendly despite our language difficulties and the standard of their work is high. Carlos was a frequent visitor with Maria to monitor progress and our satisfaction.

    The project took a bit longer than initially estimated but the kitchen is exactly how we wanted it with no tears or tantrums involved. Thank you to everybody.

    We will not hesitate to contact Maria for further work.

  • From 6000 miles away, conducting a renovation that reconfigures half of the house and redoes all services is intimidating. We could not be happier with the result, or the process by which Maria helped us achieve it. She listened to us at all times and worked with architects and builders to help us refine our vision. Without overwhelming us with decisions she ensured the highest quality of work and materials went into our reformation

  • “I would like to express my utmost satisfaction with the construction team and project manager responsible for reforming our flat in Valencia, Spain. From the start of the project till its completion, they demonstrated exceptional professionalism, as well as a remarkable level of creativity and understanding of the unique challenges that come with building in Spain.

    One of the standout qualities of our construction team was their innovative and creative ideas. They went above and beyond to provide us with fresh and inventive concepts, transforming our flat into a truly exceptional living space. From suggesting clever storage solutions to incorporating energy-efficient technologies, their creativity added immense value to the final result. Their ability to think outside the box resulted in a beautifully designed flat. We started in October with 158 square meters and mostly completed in February…of course the holidays slowed us down. We gutted every surface and moved rooms and walls. Take a look” https://valencia-property.com/new/corinne

  • David GDavid G

    “We were so very fortunate to work with Valencia Property to purchase and renovate our new home in València. Especially the renovation. We were not able to be in the country for most of the work, but we received photos and videos of progress and help navigating language or cultural barriers from our Valencia Property project manager Maz.

    The work itself was beautiful. Our general contractor Carlos and his teams did excellent work. The plaster is perfectly smooth. The tiles are installed without a single grout line going thick or thin. The team was even thoughtful about floor tiles that had a less than perfect pattern. I found them while cleaning behind the toilet. The doors are hung so perfectly that they stay open or closed and latch with a gentle push. It is simply excellent craftsmanship.

    We could not have done this so well and so easily without Valencia Property and Valencia Remodels.”

  • “It takes a major leap of faith to undertake a massive renovation in Valencia while living in another country. But after working with Valencia-Property to purchase two properties, we felt they had fully earned our faith. And we were right. Maria coordinated the renovation of our new home as well as our investment property. She was with us every step of the way, from the first moment when we sketched out a prospective floor plan until the very last towel rack was installed.

    Maria really listened to our wish list and did her best to meet all of our desires. Equally importantly, she used her vast experience and local knowledge to steer us in a better direction where appropriate. Valencia-Property uses and supervises the most detailed-oriented team of contractors. They take such pride in every aspect of their work and that commitment doesn’t end when the project wraps up. Upon moving in, we discovered a few minor tweaks that were needed and they were promptly addressed. We highly recommend Valencia-Property for all your renovation needs!”

  • Noel and Vicky YNoel and Vicky Y
    “We used Valencia Property to buy our apartment and then to refurbish it. A lot of this was done by distance, but Maria and team sorted everything and we were really pleased with all the work they did for us. The new bathroom, flooring and decoration was just what we needed, and with VP taking care of everything it was pretty stress free! “
  • Kendra FKendra F

    Maria was invaluable as a conduit between the Spanish speaking builders and architect and us. But it was more than that, as we found her experience with other reforms, places to source things and general knowledge about what people are doing to be really helpful.

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