Recent Projects

At Valencia Remodels, we work on a variety of different projects. Have a look a some of the recent projects we worked on:


Jacinto Benavente

This Valencia Remodel was a full gut and redo project. Key features included:

  • Moving kitchen from original location to the other side of the apartment
  • New bathroom in old kitchen location
  • Opening up areas for brighter living spaces with natural light
  • Mixing a classic style with modern concepts and applications


Tirso de Molina

This Valencia Remodel was a full modernisation without much redistribution. Key features included:

  • Opening up the kitchen to create open plan kitchen / dining
  • Kitchen designed and supplied by Schmidt with our help
  • Brand new finishes throughout

Residential (New Layout)


This Valencia Remodel was a full complete interior demolish and full redistribution. Key features included:

  • Relocating kitchen to entry
  • Open up spaces and give the flat more light
  • Ensuite bathroom and laundry room

Investment (Rental Property)


This Valencia Remodel involved modernising an old flat and make it ready as a luxury rental with a key focus on digital nomads and mid-term rentals. This apartment is now available to rent through our partner company Stepping Stone Rentals. Key features included:

  • Installing vented AC
  • Simple but attractive finishes and optimisation of space
  • Improved security with dual finish high security entry door
  • Cost-effective yet quality decisions on finishes



This Valencia Remodel’s aim was to modernise half the flat and full remodel of the other half:

  • Moving kitchen
  • Adding an additional bathroom
  • Restore hydraulic floors

Residential (Kitchen)


This Valencia Remodel was focused just on remodeling the kitchen:

  • New tiling
  • New flooring
  • Brand new kitchen and window


Molina del Palau

Complete remodel with minor distribution changes and creating an open concept kitchen living area:

  • Removed kitchen walls to open up the living space
  • New flooring throughout
  • Updated kitchen and bathrooms

Investment (Rental Property)


Complete remodel of 117 square meter flat:

  • Opened up walls to create a brighter kitchen and living area
  • Created a beautiful arc between the kitchen area and the living/dinning room
  • Available for mid term rental at Stepping Stone Rentals

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