Embarking on a complete remodel is similar to crafting your specific style into your living space, transforming a foreign space into your home. Among our clients, North American families and retirees frequently seek this transformation, acquiring flats and orchestrating full-scale renovations to align with their needs. Amidst this endeavor, a curious realization often dawns: the variance in appliance sizes and usage habits between continents.

When Size Matters: American Appliances

The allure of spacious American appliances beckons to many relocating to Valencia. Yet, what seems like an uncomplicated endeavor presents subtle complexities. The most striking revelation? The considerable discrepancy in size. American appliances—ranging from refrigerators to stoves—are expansively larger than their European counterparts. This revelation is often met with a mix of awe and disbelief from our clients.

Power Play: Electrical Challenges

While embracing American-sized appliances seems tempting, a lurking concern pertains to the energy they consume. Many Valencia flats have aged electrical systems that weren’t designed to support the power demands of such appliances operating simultaneously. A common consequence? Breakers tripping amidst the surge in energy consumption. To preempt future predicaments, our builders frequently recommend electrical upgrades during the scope of the project. While this might introduce upfront costs, it ultimately spares residents from future headaches.

Size Constraints: Elevator Woes

Intriguingly, the physical dimensions of American appliances aren’t the only hurdle. Elevators in Valencia unveil their own saga. In stark contrast to their more expansive North American counterparts, Valencia’s elevators are characterized by modest dimensions—typically around 68.5 cm x 190.5 cm (27” x 75”). The result? A logistical challenge in transporting the oversized appliances to higher floors. On occasion, the solution involves renting specialized exterior elevators for delivery, albeit at an additional cost.

Striking a Balance: Luxury vs. Utility

While the allure of grandeur is undeniable, pragmatic considerations beckon. The larger appliances, like majestic fridges and ample stoves, tend to harmonize better with the luxury kitchen aesthetic than the quintessential Valencian kitchen. 

Utility and the Solar Factor

As I embark on my own remodeling journey, having a spacious outdoor terrace prompts me to consider the addition of a dryer. Yet, the prevailing cost of electricity in Spain urges me to view this not as a commonplace utility, but as a luxurious investment. Such a decision now intertwines with the prospect of integrating solar energy, presenting a symbiotic solution to offset operational expenses. In the evolution of my remodel, this choice extends beyond convenience, resonating with the broader context of sustainability and energy dynamics in Valencia.

Seamless Transitions Through Awareness

Whether you’re considering a remodel venture that involves traditional European appliances, or go for the larger North American ones, we’re here to offer our expert guidance. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance in navigating the intricate landscape of choices, licensing, and sustainability that will shape your remodel narrative.

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